How it works


Define your project

Tell our freelancing teams more about your project. Our system will walk you step by step collecting relevant details

  • Features - Define your requirements and set your priorities.
  • Request for Proposals - Publish your project requesting for proposals.
  • Review proposals - Receive the proposal from different teams. View the detail plan from each teams.
  • Choose your team - Pick and choose the team. The system will use the selected team for your project.


Respond to proposal

Freelancers can join together and work on proposal/projects.

  • Create team - Build your own team leveraging your network. You may also use members existing in the system or invite new members.
  • Select suitable project - The teams can search and find suitable projects from the available project list.
  • Bid for project - Leverage our in-built proposal tool to create winning proposal. Create schedule and cost estimates. You can either use the full team or partial team for projects.
  • Flexible rate - The system supports different rate setting for different projects. Choose your own rate based on the project.

Work on project

Upon selection, the team can execute the project incrementally and iteratively

  • Start the feature - The project owner can officially start the feature using the start button.
  • Pay as you go - Pay by the feature.
  • Integrated teamboard - The team execute the project by moving the tasks through the teamboard.
  • Get deliverables done incrementally and iteratively - Work together completing the deliverables incrementally and iteratively.
  • Get paid on deliverables - Complete the work and get paid based on the deliverables.


Other features

  • Payment Setup - Setup your payment accounts to pay and/or get paid.
  • Split payments - The system automatically splits the payment based on the work performed.
  • Invoice Management -  The invoice management helps you to tract time, deliverables and transactions.